A multiplayer FPS game, where you can pick between 3 classes, and choose which items to take with you and fight. Choose between several original maps to play on.

Ranged Weapons are fully projectile-based, with recoil, ammo, and scoping.

WIP, many features and systems will change as development continues.

https://discord.gg/cTStS9RTX7 is the discord, if you'd like to join and know when any updates are out.

Install instructions

On windows, download "Quick Fire Windows x64 (Itch Beta).zip". Use WinZip, WinRar, or a similar program to extract the .zip file. Locate "Quick Fire.exe" and double click on it to start the game.


Quick Fire Windows x64 (Beta 0.2.3).zip 26 MB

Development log


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I really like the fact the bullets (most likely) arent just Raycasts.

 But I feel like a bit more control midair would make it feel more responsive.

(although I most likely just suck xD)


alright, i agree with that, will give it a go. (thanks for leaving feedback btw!)