Redrift v1.8

This update brings a decent amount of content and many quality of life features!

-- Content --

Added Astro Turf, a structure that looks like a a patch of grass and significantly decreases fall damage.

Added Grout, a resource that contains dirt, clay balls, iron ore, and copper ore.

Added windowed walls, a structure that is just like walls but has a visual and physical cutout in the centre.

Added The Machine. Its use will be revealed in a later update...

-- Quality of Life --

The player has far higher friction.

Increased stone gather rate, reduced island clay yield.

The escape / P key can now close the pause menu AND the inventory.

The darker area is darker, making lights more effective. Increased max light count in graphics to reflect this.

The creative mode inventory now starts empty, but you can craft things in creative.

Added a "boring food" system, lowering the calorie gain from eating the same food multiple times. Currently very minor as there are still only apples.

-- Performance --

On lower graphics settings, the main menu camera no longer moves. Hopefully this will improve performance on weaker systems.

-- Bugfixes --

Silicon now spawns and saves properly.


Redrift v1.8 70 MB
May 02, 2021
Redrift v1.8 66 MB
May 02, 2021
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May 02, 2021

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