Redrift Redux Progress Update 2

Hey everyone! Sorry for the length between the last post and this one, i'm really not good with that...

I've been working on some other things in past months, but i'm back to working on Redrift:Redux. Tons of progress has been made on back-end systems that you won't notice - but, some actual content is also being made. A new conveyor and new resource can be seen in the screenshot. UI is also being changed, but not massively. It is being made smoother, but will keep the same overall look to Adrift.

Saves will not be compatible with the release version, sorry about stating that. For now, everything is work-in-progress and nothing is certain. Updates and progress can be found on the Github, the Redlabs Discord, or the the Redrift Beta Branch. Hopefully, once a few more things are ironed out, I can get a new test build out fairly soon, and start working towards the release.

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