Redrift Redux Progress Update 3

Hello again! Progress has been going well on Redrift:Redux, and there are some new features to talk about.

You can check it out here please give feedback on how it feels so far.

So firstly, there's the content - There's some new stuff, and some stuff in the works.

Auto Miners have been given a complete makeover, with a new tank-like design. They move and mine much slower, as well as costing much more to craft. However, this makes them much more balanced - rather than being a magical machine that can easily gather up every resource on an island, they need to take their time to slowly drill things.

"Solid" building pieces have been added - these have no gaps in them, but cost more resources to make, compared to their regular versions. They give a lot more variety to what style a build has.

Some resources are in the works, too - quartz, glass, gold, optical sensors. Most of these are pretty much un-implemented, so not much to say there.

Many technical changes have been made too. In gameplay, this amounts to a bit more polish and far less bugs.

As always, updates can be found on the Github, or Redlabs Discord.

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please add chests for auto miner collections that don't need you to spam f to collect everything.

not working on this right now, but if I ever get back to it hopefully I can work on that. I do know of someone who is making a mod off of Redrift:Redux's codebase, so maybe they can expand on this stuff as well