Redrift Redux

Over the past few days, I have gotten bored and decided to rewrite Adrift's codebase as much as I can. I am making decent progress, and have made some important changes to the code structure.

I've decided to name this project Redrift:Redux, and the goal is to make it as vanilla as possible, opposed to Redrift:Classic (what the original Redrift is now called) which often made big changes to things like movement and item interaction, which, while nice, weren't at the core of what makes Adrift, Adrift. has a link to a VERY EARLY test version. Some tooltips have been broken.

Currently an overhaul of the item system is being worked on, and some slick UI changes have been made similar to what's seen in 

I hope to see everyone soon with another progress post and potentially an early build of Redrift:Redux!

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UPDATE: I still have all the code and everything set up, but my time has been taken on schoolwork, cataclysm, and, to be honest, playing video games. Hopefully I can get this to a workable state by the end of the year, though.


woo hoo


You can track progress (or ask me about progress if i haven't posted anything recently) at either the Redlabs Discord or My own discord, Rolling Tundra