Redrift v1.7

Another update has finally arrived, fixing many major issues and adding a new building - the autominer dock!

NOTE - Saves have been moved to a new file location! old saves can still be found in the adrift saves folder.

-- Content --

Added a new autominer dock, storing items picked up by autominers - it has a limit of 500 items, and autominers have a limit of 75 items

-- Balance --

Some recipes were rebalanced

All pickaxes now mine slower

-- Quality of Life --

Increased crate stack size to 5

Midair movement has been reworked, you move slowly in the air but your jumps give you forward momentum. Sprinting is slower than before.

Trees now grow slowly over time, with larger trees taking longer to grow but yielding large amounts of wood

Updated the title screen with new resources

Saves now display the last version they were loaded in

-- Bugfixes --

Copper now spawns properly again

Small Dark Islands now drift towards the dark island properly


Redrift v1.7 70 MB
Apr 15, 2021
Redrift v1.7 66 MB
Apr 15, 2021
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Apr 15, 2021

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I found a game breaking bug if you exit out of your world and come back everything is gone all the trees, you items, autominers if you had any, everything except for the islands. also i had left in the first place bc there was no silicon underneath the dark island

(pls fix this so i can play without losing my save) also im using the web version

Deleted post
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no not that in the new update try making a world and leave it you will see what i mean

Edit: he fixed it

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