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ima make a list of the bugs ive found

*Islands are hollow so you can clip through them.

*if you automate the launcher and jump onto it it sends you flying (not really a bug tho)

*if you place two crates right bellow you super fast you go flying upwards

* the elevator and the sorters are upside down when you reopen the world

* on some construction blocks you walk super slow

*when you save it saves about like 10 seconds before it saves (not really a bug though either)

*only one pixel at the start of the game unless you go fullscreen and back

*crates just randomly fall from the sky bc they hit trees and just fall down (i have 32 crates and it makes my game lag if i place them all down

*copper spawns infinitely and the bottom of my island is only blue and orange

-also how do you get water and silicon silicon wont spawn under the dark island and water is just idk

1 - Yes they are hollow, due to the way physics works i can't do much about this

2-yeah, not a bug

3 - Physics engine things, it'd be really hard to fix this one.

4 - I haven't noticed, will have to test that one

5 - Yeah, some blocks do make you slower, hopefully i can get that fixed

6 - The game should save the moment you press save, in my opinion

7- I have no idea how to fix this one, neither does anyone else, it seems. Sorry.

8 - That's due to islands falling when they don't have a crate, it's very buggy (also use storage containers to store crates)

9 - Yeah, resources spawn infinitely, might fix this one

10 - You get water from buckets in the dark realm, and the silicon bug will be fixed next update

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ok also thanks for the astro turf

also either im dumb or the water doesnt work

am inside the island????????

you should add a cushion type thing so people can use the launcher without dying

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Technically you can use water buckets... nah tho, i might add an actual landing spot at some point, good idea

how do i get water???


when you hold a launcher in your hand it shows a weird thing on the side of the screen but you can only really see it in full screen

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I found a game breaking bug if you exit out of your world and come back everything is gone all the trees, you items, autominers if you had any, everything except for the islands. also i had left in the first place bc there was no silicon underneath the dark island

(pls fix this so i can play without losing my save) also im using the web version

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Wow, absolute legend, thanks so much for pointing that out. I don't know why i never test these updates...
Hopefully a build will be out soon with a fix.

EDIT: Build is out, I hope you enjoy!

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thank you so much

Edit: it works! also i love the music on the juke box lol space jam is my favorite


love the updates keep up the epic work

Can you make a multiplayer version, i want to play with my friends and have fun together. Can you make it please?

The original adrift has a multiplayer feature. I do not know how to make multiplayer, and this game isn't quite where i want to start.

Well, If you want. I can help you this summer's vacation with photon "I Make Game like for real and i am not a hacking or something, trust me."

I mean, if you really want, you can get the source code from and try to add your own multiplayer.

Just make sure your game page at least links back to Adrift / Redrift

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Is this link for redrift or adrift?

EDIT: I Just Realized. By the way Thank you very much for the source code :)

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Are these bugs with the built game or with the source code? If it's the source code, it hasn't been updated in a while. I will try to get to that soon!

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No, I changed how jumping works. You should only be moving slower in the air, not sure what is causing your issue.

EDIT: It's working as normal, except for one part of the island. Fix coming soon!

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how dare you

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You 250 IQ man

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I am using downloaded version, for Windows, but the crafting menu (idk what its even called just got it) is open by default every time I open a world. How do I close it?

Press "tab" to toggle the inventory. This bug should be fixed next update.

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I downloaded the correct version, but I can't find the .exe file for Redrift or Adrift. Could you tell us the file location?

Edit: I just realized I downloaded the mac version.

i cant get into the game all i see is this

please help

Fullscreen the window (on the game view), then minimise it back down. I don't know why that fixes it, it just does.

i have that and it sucks.

and i can see your gmail.


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it doesn't increase the speed it just looks faster

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fixed (Edit: only slightly fixed)

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you jump off the edg

Deleted 1 year ago

after you get in the dark dimension after jumping then you dont move

Ok so I found a glitch where if you put stuff into anything you can then there will be a ghost item, if you drop it then you have another item, Idk if this was fixed in the new update or not.


Ok it was fixed, a bit sad about no more infinite resources but its cool :)

Btw I love this remake.

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hi, please add the game for the Linux platfotm


There is currently a build issue with linux. Will try to fix it, but i can't promise that there won't be linux-related bugs.

i can't seem to get to the menu screen when i start the gam

this is the moment you realize that you are playing too much redrift

how do i know what is new??

The devlogs have a fairly comprehensive list of what is changed. I do have a discord with almost every single change but it's not necessary to join.

thanks i will join the discord (: Is the link, i haven't put this anywhere else yet.

oh thanks i was looking for it

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please help me i did the fullscreen and then back and it worked I loaded the game and I see this nothing else


press escape and settings and set your fov higher it is a glitch that makes you have a field of view of 0

great game the only thing that is a little weird is how far away the lightning crystals are but 10/10. you can place walls inside of you too and  i have mastered my shift place crate below you powers.

FOV is currently messed up and not working right at all. I am aware of the issue.

How do you get silicon?

From crates on small island - or (as of 1.4) mine it from the bottom of the dark island.

ah nice, thank you

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WebGL deletes your saves every update, due to how works. Use the downloaded versions to keep saves between updates.

(You don't notice this in adrift as it doesn't get updated)

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when you cut down a tree with apples the apples just float in the air plz fix it scares the hell out of me

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this is purgatory


love the concept, with more content and a co-op mode this game can turn into something big.

The original has an online co-op mode if you want to try, but Redrift does not have multiplayer (yet, idk if he's adding it).

how to do you craft?

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?? aren't you supposed to CRAFT crafting tables

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Yes... I know about the only one colour bug, fullscreening should fix it

And yes the FOV bug is very annoying, i'll try my best to fix it.

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"!! To fix WebGL (browser) version, fullscreen the game, and then shrink it back down. !! " From the page. This will fix it!

i did that like 6 times this game does not work

Alright, you'll  have to download it then. I will keep trying to get WebGL working.

Well I can't bc I'm on Chromebook, so I guess you just lost a player

bruh shut up no one wants you anyway hes trying his best

i went to menu then it broke

On WebGL or PC? (if WebGL, fullscreen the game and shrink it back down)

uummm it wont work


I LOVE THIS MOD ITS SO COOL rugbug member when i asked fro shest system this ahs it yay i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it not working like when I try to play the game it just goes to the color mode and no button. Like this

"!! To fix WebGL (browser) version, fullscreen the game, and then shrink it back down. !! " This will fix your issue.


For anyone wondering, this mod is endorsed by me. Awesome work man :)

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