Made for GMTK Game Jam 2020. Artwork is done by my brother

The game is playable, but due to my own laziness, didn't turn out the way i wanted. If anyone enjoys this thank you so much. I learnt a lot from doing this.

-- DISCONTINUED due to some bugs, but mainly another game i am working on --

Sorry that you can't kill enemies, honest to god I do not know why. It works in the editor.

Development log


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pretty cool game! There were a few things that could be improved, although i get why the game isn't polished, because you made it in 2 days. 1: I found the control scheme to be a little wonky, maybe that's just me. 2: i didn't really understand what the preferred generation did when you full jump. 3: Some of the text isn't really visible due to it and the background being gray. But still, you made this game in under 48 hours, so congratulations!


Aww, thanks man! I really should do a little bit of polish to get the game actually working. Thanks for the feedback!